IKEA Grey, Black and Tan Living Room on a Budget

Last weekend my boyfriend finally came to his senses and agreed on new living room furniture. Now of course he doesn’t like to shop but he loves to save! So he gave me a task to put together several options for him to look at and stay on budget. So if I can drag him to just one store where we can get just about everything and still stay on budget I’d have to say IKEA!

IKEA Black and Grey Living Room


Couch:  IKEA KIVIK sofa and chaise in Tenö light gray.

IKEA’s KIVIK sofa and chaise has a modern look with a comfortable feel. The light Tenö Gray color is a great neutral color. Much better then beige.  Even though this woven texture is beautiful to look at it feels slightly scratchy.  The couch seems very comfortable and you can sink right into it.  Which is great for laying down watching TV but not so great for back support, however, there are many lumbar pillows out there that can solve that. One other thing to keep in mind is the height of this couch it does sit a little lower than others so you must be careful when pairing with other furniture.

Overall I liked the couch however my boyfriend just couldn’t get past the texture of the cover and I wasn’t interested in any other covers.  So we had to pass on this IKEA couch.

Ottoman: IKEA KIVIK footstool with storage in Tenö light grey.  $199.00

I love an ottoman instead of a coffee table.  You can move it up to have more lounge space or place a serving tray on it to hold your drink. The KIVIK footstool is great because you can hide your extra blankets and game remotes in.

Chair: This Black Linen slipper chair with signature pillow was found on Overstock.com. If you think a chair with arms would be a little more comfortable you may want to try the Trafalgar Arm Chair.

Shelf: 18” ladder bookshelf in black finish from Amazon. This shelving is also available with an espresso finish or if you have a larger space you may want to consider the 30” ladder shelf.  If these options are out of you budget IKEA’s LERBERG Shelf unit in grey is a steal for $19.99.

Lamp: We found this BAROMETER floor lamp at IKEA. If you don’t have an IKEA close by here is similar option from Bellacor that you can purchase online. EGLO Halva

Mirror: The mirror in this picture was purchased from Target many years ago and has been hiding in our closet. I don’t believe target sells this mirror any longer. If we didn’t already own this mirror I probably would have purchased  the Hollister square mirror on a walnut frame.

Curtain:  This ANNO LJUV Curtain Panel in white from IKEA. If you don’t have an IKEA close by you can always try Ebay.

Tray: Clava Black Leather Serving Tray. Or for a little more fun you can try this black serving tray with your personal photos.

Table: The side table is HEMENS night stand in grey-brown. A beautiful alternative to the IKEA nightstand would be this Braxton Studio Quarantino end table in Black.

Rug: This grey, beige, black, and white striped rug is Kajsa from IKEA. An alternative from Amazon would be Gray Hand Tufted Wool Gabbeh Rug.

Art: Paragon of framed 17 x 17 waterfront wall art from linen and things. If this option doesn’t fit your budget IKEA has many poster and frames to choose from such as BILD FJÄLLSTA picture with mat.

Decorative pillows:
Tussar Grey Silk 22 x 22 Throw Pillows.
Monroe Velvet Stripes Decorative Throw Pillows.
Seven Comforts Premium Decorative Throw Pillow.

Some IKEA Options for throw Pillows:
HENNY RAND cushion cover.
And the VILMIE PÄRLA cushion, black.


Navy Blue and White Living Room Idea

The great thing with neutral colors is its easy and quick to change.  This room has some simple basic items that can look great with almost any decor, color and theme. Here is a neutral room idea with just some added navy blue detail.

Navy blue and white living room

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Gray, White and Yellow Room Idea

I love the look of gray and white however, it seems a little too safe. With gray and white being such neutral colors you can add almost any color to them. I chose yellow not just any yellow but a bright cheerful yellow and it changed the whole appearance and mood of this room. I now call it my Chickadee Room 🙂

Gray White and Yellow Bedroom - Chickadee

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Black, White, and Blue Living Room Idea

Originally I wanted just a black and white room. However when I thought about the walls I couldn’t resist using the walls as the accent color.  I kept thinking about an ice blue color as it was one of the most popular wall colors of the year.

I also wanted a room that was comfortable and relaxing yet elegant. So I chose oversized furniture for comfort and rich fabrics and patterns to showcase elegance.

Living room idea black blue and white

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10 Make Over Ideas for Mirrored Doors

Mirrored closet doors can be a little out of date but replacing them can be a little pricey. So what do you do?

Here is a list of 10 make over ideas for your mirrored closet doors.

1. Use a curtain

This one is probably pretty obvious it seems to be the most common fix. You can remove the doors and in its place hang some curtains but there are several ways you can go about doing this. One option is leave the glass doors and hang sheer curtains in front then accent with light to glare off the mirror and shine behind the sheers.  Try using curtain panels on a hospital track for a clean look.  My favorite option with hanging a curtain is hang it across the whole wall or at least a good portion from ceiling to floor. Read more »

Simple Changes to Update a Kitchen

If your kitchen is looking a little dated and you would like to make some changes but just don’t have the money for a major renovation.  Here is a few changes that you can make that’s not going to break the bank but can make a major impact on your kitchen design.

1. Paint

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Not all of us have a lot of wall space in our kitchen so you may just conciser painting those cabinets. Painting your cabinets can change your kitchens appearance and if this is a project that you plan on tackling yourself you can save thousands of dollars. It does take some time and hard work but if you want an updated kitchen for little money painting your cabinets will be a step in the right direction. Be sure to do your research first and don’t forget some good cleaner, sand paper and primer. Read more »

Bathroom Decorating

Bathroom decorating can be fun as it can take little time and little money to make a drastic change.

First think of your theme. Are you thinking beach theme? A french shabby chic theme? Rustic? or an Andy Warhol theme? There are so many options out there but, if you cant think of a theme no worries maybe you have a favorite color that may just be a bit much for a larger room but perfect for your bathroom. Maybe you seen a color that just seems soothing and relaxing to you and you would like to try it out before fully committing to it in another room.

Now that you have your inspiration how are you going to showcase it? Is it going to be in your paint or in your accents such as a shower curtain, towels, and pictures?  If you plan on bringing it out in your accents then I would suggest more of a muted wall treatment.  If color is your theme try playing with various shades. Perhaps lighter walls and darker textiles or vice versa. Read more »

Fall Decor

Do you love the crLeavesisp cool weather of fall, The beautiful fall foliage, the crackling of leaves under your feet, the smell of wood burning in the air, and the taste of caramel apples? I love it all and I’m glad that time of year is here. Now that fall is upon us why not take inspiration from outside to decorate the inside of your home. This is the best time to bring those amber, brown, red, and yellow colors in.

Look around fall has so much inspiration to offer. The pumpkins on your neighbors porches, the leaves on the trees, The hay and mums on a hay ride. Here are a few tips on bring those touches of fall in.

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Purple Bedroom Design Ideas

Since the time Friends was a hit sitcom I’ve wanted a purple room. Do you remember the purple living room in Monica and Rachel’s apartment?  To this day I still haven’t had my purple room. When you live with a man it may be hard to convince him. But I can always dream. So here is a visual of a few Ideas for a purple room that I have put together on my shopping excursion yesterday. However with so many shades of purple that are so diverse they can work with any theme its hard to decide on which direction to go.


Do It Yourself – Home Staging

If you’re in the process of selling your home and not having much success you may want to consider hiring a home staging company. Staging a house can make all the difference in getting it sold. If hiring someone to stage your home is not in your budget. There are a few steps you can do on your own to help get your home sold.

Tip #1 Remove your personal taste

It helps to remove your personal style from your home to make the house appeal to more of a general market. This includes taking down personal photographs as these can be distracting to potential buyers as they may be more focused on who lives in this home instead of the house itself. Other items that should be removed are those of personal views such as politics and religion you don’t want your buyer making a decision based on your views.

Tip #2 Remove clutter

Get a head start on packing! Pack up those dvds, books, magazines, old exercise equipment, and nick knacks. In this case less is definitely better. If you don’t need all your kitchen appliances pack them up and showcase the counter space. By removing clutter your buyers will be less distracted and the house will appear larger, brighter, and cleaner. Read more »