10 Make Over Ideas for Mirrored Doors

Mirrored closet doors can be a little out of date but replacing them can be a little pricey. So what do you do?

Here is a list of 10 make over ideas for your mirrored closet doors.

1. Use a curtain

This one is probably pretty obvious it seems to be the most common fix. You can remove the doors and in its place hang some curtains but there are several ways you can go about doing this. One option is leave the glass doors and hang sheer curtains in front then accent with light to glare off the mirror and shine behind the sheers.  Try using curtain panels on a hospital track for a clean look.  My favorite option with hanging a curtain is hang it across the whole wall or at least a good portion from ceiling to floor.

2. Frosting

A frosted glass look can be achieved in several ways. One is with a frosted vinyl film that can be applied directly to the mirror the great thing with film and can be cut to achieve your desired look. Then next option would be a frosted spray paint with this you can apply different coats till you get the desired effect.  The next option would be etching acid this can be permanent and is very strong so be sure to take the proper precautions before applying this cream.

Keep in mind that there are different shades and different textures to choose from with these products. You can cover the whole door or be creative with design like they did on HGTV by adding some trim to create a shoji- style closet door.

Frosted closet doors

$25 Frosted closet doors from Rate My Space

Shoji-style closet doors

Shoji-style closet doors HGTV

3. Vinyl Decals

Decals have become very popular for wall coverings. There are many options available to you as many stores carry decals for your walls with designs or even sayings. Decals can also be personalized with your own sayings or photos. Most decals are intended to be applied to the walls as these can be applied to glass they may be hard to remove however, if you search there are decals that are designed just for mirrors and glass.

4. Paint

Add some color by painting on your mirrored doors. There are in fact paints made for glass the most popular seems to be a perm enamel paint. Another option is going with acrylic paint. If you choose a regular acrylic paint and want that paint to stay its recommended to seal it with a clear acrylic sealer.

5. Shades

Remove your closet doors and add some roman shades or bamboo shades to cover your closet. With light behind the shades it will give off a beautiful effect.

6. Fabric

By using some fabric panels and Velcro you can give your closet doors a new look and add some color and style to your room. With so many shades and prints the possibilities are endless.

7.  Paper

Add some paper to your closet doors. Choose a wallpaper with your favorite design. Try some contact paper that you can just peel and stick (can even alternate several to create a personalized design). You can even add some rice paper for a more authentic shoji-style.

8. Just paint the frame

You may just want to update the look of the frame and track. So tape off the mirror and around the track and apply a fresh coat of paint.  To give it a more modern look try black or silver. For a funky fun look try lime green or bright orange.

9. Remove them

Remove your closet doors and tracks all together. You can use the closets space for a built in desk or entertainment stand. Depending the size of your closet you may even be able to fit a wardrobe in its place.

10. Flip the doors over and redo the back

Completely redo your doors with a blank slate on the backside. Try adding some wood for the trim and a curtain as the center piece as seen below.

HGTV Re-purposed Closet Door

One thing to keep in mind is if you plan on selling your home soon your style may not be the style of the buyers. So if you would like to keep your mirrored closet doors in tact just take them out of the tracks flip them over slip them back into the tracks and then just decorate the back side. If you remove your closet doors all together you may want to consider holding on to them for the future. I’m not saying hold on to them in-case they come back in style, I’m saying hold on to them in-case a buyer or a landlord wants to know where the doors are 🙂.

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