Bathroom Decorating

Bathroom decorating can be fun as it can take little time and little money to make a drastic change.

First think of your theme. Are you thinking beach theme? A french shabby chic theme? Rustic? or an Andy Warhol theme? There are so many options out there but, if you cant think of a theme no worries maybe you have a favorite color that may just be a bit much for a larger room but perfect for your bathroom. Maybe you seen a color that just seems soothing and relaxing to you and you would like to try it out before fully committing to it in another room.

Now that you have your inspiration how are you going to showcase it? Is it going to be in your paint or in your accents such as a shower curtain, towels, and pictures?  If you plan on bringing it out in your accents then I would suggest more of a muted wall treatment.  If color is your theme try playing with various shades. Perhaps lighter walls and darker textiles or vice versa.

A few suggestions for painting:

  • If you are always changing your theme and decor in your bath, I would suggest sticking with a neutral tone of paint.
  • When painting remember its OK to paint just one wall as an accent w
  • Consider adding wainscoting instead of painting the entire wall.
  • If you need to remove a medicine cabinet score around the edges first.

A few suggestions for added details:

  • Add a frame to your mirror. Add some trim around the edges or a frame right in the middle.
  • A basket with colorful rolled up hand towels and wash cloths can fill in some empty space.
  • Layer your decorative towels with hand towels and wash cloths for a more finished look.
  • Hang a shelf to display some accessories.
  • Create a basket with all those little bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soaps that you get from your hotel stays for guest to use while visiting.

Add your final touches to set the ambiance of the room with lighting and scents.   If your lighting is to bright and harsh add a small lamp to your vanity or add some candles. Add your favorite scents with potpourri, oil diffusers, or more scented candles..

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  1. A friend referred me to your blog, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far! Thank you for the interesting posts!

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