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Bathroom Decorating

Bathroom decorating can be fun as it can take little time and little money to make a drastic change.

First think of your theme. Are you thinking beach theme? A french shabby chic theme? Rustic? or an Andy Warhol theme? There are so many options out there but, if you cant think of a theme no worries maybe you have a favorite color that may just be a bit much for a larger room but perfect for your bathroom. Maybe you seen a color that just seems soothing and relaxing to you and you would like to try it out before fully committing to it in another room.

Now that you have your inspiration how are you going to showcase it? Is it going to be in your paint or in your accents such as a shower curtain, towels, and pictures?  If you plan on bringing it out in your accents then I would suggest more of a muted wall treatment.  If color is your theme try playing with various shades. Perhaps lighter walls and darker textiles or vice versa. Read more »