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10 Make Over Ideas for Mirrored Doors

Mirrored closet doors can be a little out of date but replacing them can be a little pricey. So what do you do?

Here is a list of 10 make over ideas for your mirrored closet doors.

1. Use a curtain

This one is probably pretty obvious it seems to be the most common fix. You can remove the doors and in its place hang some curtains but there are several ways you can go about doing this. One option is leave the glass doors and hang sheer curtains in front then accent with light to glare off the mirror and shine behind the sheers.  Try using curtain panels on a hospital track for a clean look.  My favorite option with hanging a curtain is hang it across the whole wall or at least a good portion from ceiling to floor. Read more »

Simple Changes to Update a Kitchen

If your kitchen is looking a little dated and you would like to make some changes but just don’t have the money for a major renovation.  Here is a few changes that you can make that’s not going to break the bank but can make a major impact on your kitchen design.

1. Paint

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Not all of us have a lot of wall space in our kitchen so you may just conciser painting those cabinets. Painting your cabinets can change your kitchens appearance and if this is a project that you plan on tackling yourself you can save thousands of dollars. It does take some time and hard work but if you want an updated kitchen for little money painting your cabinets will be a step in the right direction. Be sure to do your research first and don’t forget some good cleaner, sand paper and primer. Read more »

Bathroom Decorating

Bathroom decorating can be fun as it can take little time and little money to make a drastic change.

First think of your theme. Are you thinking beach theme? A french shabby chic theme? Rustic? or an Andy Warhol theme? There are so many options out there but, if you cant think of a theme no worries maybe you have a favorite color that may just be a bit much for a larger room but perfect for your bathroom. Maybe you seen a color that just seems soothing and relaxing to you and you would like to try it out before fully committing to it in another room.

Now that you have your inspiration how are you going to showcase it? Is it going to be in your paint or in your accents such as a shower curtain, towels, and pictures?  If you plan on bringing it out in your accents then I would suggest more of a muted wall treatment.  If color is your theme try playing with various shades. Perhaps lighter walls and darker textiles or vice versa. Read more »

40 Alternatives to Headboards

If you have decided its time to redecorate your bedroom but your working on a budget you may want to consider creating your own custom headboard.

Why do you need a headboard? Before most believed that the headboard was used to keep your pillows in place and from falling off the bed. I believe your wall can do the same. However headboards can play as an integral part of decor for the bedroom. Most people feel that it anchors the bed and gives a focal point to the room. So while headboards are not necessary the can make all the difference in your decor and help you show case your personal style.

If you’re working on a budget you may not be able to go out and purchase your dream furniture. So instead try an alternative to a store bought headboard. Be sure to think outside the box as the possibilities are endless.

Below I have created a list of 40 suggestions to alternative headboards to get you started. Look around your house as you may already have a great alternative to a headboard laying around. Check your local thrift stores, dollar store, and dollar bins most of these items can be picked up for little cost.

Don’t forget have fun with it. Happy decorating! Read more »

Decorating on a Budget

Decorating on a budget- shop your local yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores.

Remember to think outside the box. It’s true that one person’s trash may be another person’s treasure. To you it may only take some new paint, new fabric or just some imagination. All though the possibilities are endless here are 12 great items to watch for.

Frames – In my opinion you can never have too many frames.  Consider refinishing them and just hanging the frames on a wall perhaps in a collage. Or you’ll want to just frame the endless number of existing items that you already have. (Photographs, prints or even doilies)

Old Books – whether you like the topic, title, or even the color of the cover, books can add décor to any shelf or book case. You can even throw a couple on your end table.

Lamps – Some times it only needs a new shade or some new paint. I have even seen some lamps turned into candle holders.

Bottles – As bottles come in different colors and shapes they can be used for accessories. Filled with colored water, or used as a candle holder. I suggest purchasing a taper candle holder designed for wine bottles. Read more »

Old Frames = Inexpensive Wall Art

Old Frames = Inexpensive Wall Art

Do you have any old frames lying around? Perhaps the glass broke or you just don’t care

for that picture any longer? Or maybe you seen a picture on super clearance but didn’t care for the print in it. Well I have super cheap ideas that will turn them into great pieces.

Message Board

While walking through my local home decor store a beautiful frame caught my eye, however, it did not have a picture in it instead it was a cork board. I could purchase this as I absolutely love the look but why not do it myself with frames I already have. I have several pictures at home that I just don’t care for any longer. Great frames just old prints that no longer go with my décor.

Most local craft such as Joann’s carry cork tiles or even rolled cork. I purchased rolled cork as I wasn’t sure of the size of the frames I had at home and I could just cut it down using a utility knife.

Once I got home I took my frame and removed the glass and inside print.

Then took the backing of the frame a traced it onto the cork board. Be sure to do the same size as the backing. If you cut it too small it may not stay in your frame. If you cut it to large the cork board will warp. Read more »

The Horror of Moving in With My Boyfriend

After a year of renting with my best friend it came time to move on and move in with my boyfriend. I was excited to make this change in my life with the exception of one thing… his decor. The furniture that made up his living room was all leather which is just fine by me except the couch was blue, the loveseat was yellow, and the chair was red. His walls had a few pictures but mostly bare, he had a lamp that matched his furniture and of course just like any bachelor pad a huge television to complete the look.

I had previously gone through a divorce and left all my furniture behind. I did however have a few items that I refused to give up. These items were mostly wrought iron wall hangings, a few candle holders, some vases, and framed pictures. They were all mostly earth tones. Needless to say these items did not match his furniture.

So we had a little compromising to do. We decided that we would not buy new furniture until we sold that house and moved into a new one. Ouch in this market that could take forever. But there were definitively a few changes that would have to be made for the time being.

Living Room –
In the red, yellow, and blue living room we quickly changed the furniture arrangement so the main focal point would no longer be the monster television. Hiding behind the yellow leather loveseat we found some beautiful over sized panoramic photographs of the city sky line taken by Autumn Thomes, a friend of his. These photographs were absolutely gorgeous and should be hanging on the wall. Read more »