Old Frames = Inexpensive Wall Art

Old Frames = Inexpensive Wall Art

Do you have any old frames lying around? Perhaps the glass broke or you just don’t care

for that picture any longer? Or maybe you seen a picture on super clearance but didn’t care for the print in it. Well I have super cheap ideas that will turn them into great pieces.

Message Board

While walking through my local home decor store a beautiful frame caught my eye, however, it did not have a picture in it instead it was a cork board. I could purchase this as I absolutely love the look but why not do it myself with frames I already have. I have several pictures at home that I just don’t care for any longer. Great frames just old prints that no longer go with my décor.

Most local craft such as Joann’s carry cork tiles or even rolled cork. I purchased rolled cork as I wasn’t sure of the size of the frames I had at home and I could just cut it down using a utility knife.

Once I got home I took my frame and removed the glass and inside print.

Then took the backing of the frame a traced it onto the cork board. Be sure to do the same size as the backing. If you cut it too small it may not stay in your frame. If you cut it to large the cork board will warp.

Next apply an adhesive to secure the cork board to your backing, rubber cement works great.  Allow for this to dry.

After it has had time to dry reassemble your frame being sure to fasten the back.

Voila! You now have beautiful framed message board ready for your office or home message center.

Framed Art

While walking through the craft store, I noticed some sheets of scrapbooking paper that had beautiful prints. I found a pack of 24 sheets each 12×12 all black and white prints (my new obsession). I don’t scrapbook (yet), but I really love these prints. So I purchased them and brought them home. Once I got home I just wanted to hang them on my wall, so that’s what I did! I just took 4 of the prints that I really liked cut them down and placed them into 9×9 picture frames. I then hung them into a little collage on my wall. Instant wall art!

Matted Photos

While I was framing my scrapbooking paper I came across yet another use for it. On my self was a picture of my boyfriend and me in a black frame with a plain white mat. Why not change the white one out with one of these amazing prints.

After you take apart your pictuMatted Photo Framere frame trace the current mat onto the back of your scrapbooking paper.

Carefully cut along your template. I suggest cutting slightly outside of the template.

After cutting it out you can secure it to the existing mat. Since I cut mine slightly larger I folded the edges over the exciting mat and secured with tape. It gave the edges a clean look.

Now just reassemble your picture frame and add your favorite photo. Definitely an eye catcher.


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