The Horror of Moving in With My Boyfriend

After a year of renting with my best friend it came time to move on and move in with my boyfriend. I was excited to make this change in my life with the exception of one thing… his decor. The furniture that made up his living room was all leather which is just fine by me except the couch was blue, the loveseat was yellow, and the chair was red. His walls had a few pictures but mostly bare, he had a lamp that matched his furniture and of course just like any bachelor pad a huge television to complete the look.

I had previously gone through a divorce and left all my furniture behind. I did however have a few items that I refused to give up. These items were mostly wrought iron wall hangings, a few candle holders, some vases, and framed pictures. They were all mostly earth tones. Needless to say these items did not match his furniture.

So we had a little compromising to do. We decided that we would not buy new furniture until we sold that house and moved into a new one. Ouch in this market that could take forever. But there were definitively a few changes that would have to be made for the time being.

Living Room –
In the red, yellow, and blue living room we quickly changed the furniture arrangement so the main focal point would no longer be the monster television. Hiding behind the yellow leather loveseat we found some beautiful over sized panoramic photographs of the city sky line taken by Autumn Thomes, a friend of his. These photographs were absolutely gorgeous and should be hanging on the wall.

Having custom frames made could get pretty pricey, so we opted to buy larger frames and mat them. Much to our surprise we didn’t even need to mat them. We took the dark backing that came in the frame and just secured the photographs into the center. Once we reassembled the frame we had an instant custom look. We then hung the pictures over the couch to be the main focal point of the room.Framed Photographs

All men must have an entertainment system. I understand this but must we look at all those cords. By organizing and hiding the cords gives the room a nice clean look and its quick and easy. Once all the furniture was in place we untangled all the cords and ran them from the entertainment center to the surround sound speakers. We purchased what appeared to be a light weight cardboard that you folded into a box. The great thing is this came in white so if you wanted to paint it to match your walls you can. Once this is folded around the cords you just secure it against the walls. Poof unsightly cords are gone.

Final touches included some throw pillows, accessories, and framed photos of us, family and friends.

His Dining Room –
His dining room had a table that was a modern look for my grandmother in the 90’s. Again we have to wait to buy furniture so just a few changes could be made in here.

I quickly changed out his plastic place mats that had pictures of a fat chef. Not actually what I want to look out while eating. I replaced them with grown up place mats. They were simple modern with a gray silver tone to match the accents and hardware in the home.

The dining room chairs were made of a light beige damask material. I kind of liked them however they did not match a single thing in the house. This however is a quick fix, we purchased slip covers. The nice thing about slip covers is when you’re finished with them you can put the away and save them for the future. Or you can easily resell them.

The final thing we changed in the dining room was adding a center piece. I just so happened to have a piece that would look perfect, if it wasn’t brown. It was a long block of wood that holds votive candles. All I had to do is paint it to match. Dining was done for the time being.

The Master Bedroom –

If you thought the living room sounded bad I think the master bedroom was worse. He had the dresser, bed, one night stand, and an armoire all lined up on one wall. To top it off the set had a rosy wood tone finish it reminded me off a 10-year-old girl’s bedroom set. It was about the right height for a 10-year-old as well. Then in the room was a leather recliner. There was a small television stand with an old clunky television on it that you couldn’t see over your feet when laying in bed.

The day finally came when he had to go to work and I had the day off. As soon as I heard the garage door close I jumped out of bed and started rearranging furniture in my pajamas. I left the bed where it was in the center of the wall and moved the dresser opposite of the bed. Caddy cornered the armoire in the corner. Moved out the television and small stand and brought in a flat screen that I placed above the dresser. I replaced the old headboard with one of my oversize wrought iron wall hangings. Placed a throw blanket over the back of the leather chair. I added some curtains to soften the look of the room. It was little effort that made a huge change.

To finish off the room I just bought some towels for the master bath that matched the comforter set and a few rugs. You wouldn’t believe what a change it made.

These are just some examples of quick changes you could make to change an appearance of a room with out buying new furniture or spending much money..

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